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BALI ...
Sorganya pleasure seekers .. ranging from nightclubs to place a lot of moldy prostitution in bali ..
one of the prostitution of land is covered in bali massage plus ...
where in this massage parlor the guests will be entertained by sharing facilities, from drinking to kepemuasan lust ...
many of us look at the massage parlor denpasar massage parlors that offer these businesses are covered, there is one area where teuku umar road, where the signpost names listed received a traditional massage, so we entered, we will offer all worldly pleasures, another location pakerisan Tukad area, where there guise salon, in his name plang salon that also receive a massage. more didenpasar places that could be a gratification of lust for a moment ...
in the next article the author will provide more refrensi plus massage in denpasar ...

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Bali which is one is an island in Indonesia, but it's also one of the provinces in Indonesia are much favored by many tourists. Bali lies between Java and Lombok Island. Provincial capital of Bali is Denpasar, located in the south of the island. The majority of Balinese are Hindu. In the world famous Bali as a tourist destination of Indonesia with a unique art-culture results, especially for the Japanese and Australian tourists. Bali is also known as Island of the Gods.

Island of Bali is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands along the width of 153 km and 112 km approximately 3.2 km from the island of Java. Astronomically, Bali is located at 8 ° 25? 23? South latitude and 115 ° 14? 55? East latitude tropical mebuatnya like other parts of Indonesia.

Gunung Agung is the highest point in Bali as high as 3148 m. This volcano last erupted in March 1963. Mount Batur is one of the mountain tourist island of Bali there. About 30,000 years ago, Mount Batur erupted and produced a terrible disaster on earth. Unlike in the northern, southern island of Bali is a map of lowland rivers flowed.

Based on the relief and topography, in the midst of the mountains lies the island of Bali which extends from west to east which is the object of interesting attractions and Indonesia among the mountains there are natural tourist cluster of volcanic Mount Batur and Mount Agung and the mountains are not volcanic Mount Zebra Dove, Gunung Patas, and Mount Seraya. The existence of these mountains cause the Bali tourist area geographically divided into 2 (two) are not the same part of North Bali with a narrow lowland and less sloping, and South Bali with a broad lowland and sloping. The slope of the land consists of the island of Bali flat land (0-2%) covering 122,652 ha, the land undulating (2-15%) covering 118,339 ha, steep land (15-40%) covering 190,486 ha, and land is very steep (> 40% ) covering 132,189 ha. Province of Bali has 4 (four) pieces of the lake which is located in mountainous areas are: Lake Beratan, Buyan, Tamblingan and Lake Batur.

Important places other become a mainstay of tourism in Bali, Indonesia is the art center of Ubud in Gianyar Regency is located in, while Kuta, Sanur, Seminyak, Jimbaran and Nusa Dua resort is a place that became a tourist destination, both tourism and beach resorts .

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BALI, which correctly called Bali Anka, meaning place of birth of people strong, in a Balinese inscription referred to in China as a draft-li P'o. It is said that the ruling P'o-li was a king of the family Kaundinya, and stated that he sent a diplomatic mission-the mission to China in the third quarter sixth century AD

Sanjaya, author inscription Cangala in Central Java (732 AD), recognized in the work of ancient Javanese-final as the leader who seized Bali, together with the territories of the other overseas. Since the eighth or ninth century AD, Buddhism traces found in that place that might come from Sumatra or Java, because maybe with a direct relationship with India.

The first inscription is dated called a king named Ugrasena (915-942), a contemporary of King Sindhok in East Java. (An earlier inscription (914 AD), refers to Adhipati Sri Kesariwarma). As stated by Prof.. Dr. George Cedes, we ketemukan of records they will be a Hindu-Bali community, is not the same as in Java, which adopted Hinduism and Buddhism together, and speak a unique dialect Bali.

In the second half of the tenth century, we have some names Warmadewa titled nobles. We get the name of a queen named Subhadrikawarmadewi. Inscription 989-1022 years mentioned the names of Udayana King and Queen Mahendradatta. This queen is a great-grandson of Sindok. This marriage, causing even more profound penetration of Javanese culture, especially Tantrism, the island of Bali. Airlangga is the cause of marriage.

Prof. Dr. F.D.K. Bosch. of the Kern Institute, has a strange story of this royal couple. When talking about a very similar equation between the development of Javanese culture and Kambudia at the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the foundation Ecole Francaise d'Extreme Orient in 1952, he said: "There is good reason to believe that I of Udayana Kambudia Warman, who reigned a relatively brief , is the same prince by the name of Udayana (Bali and Java) and has played an important role as the father of the famous Airlangga.

Around the year 970, a daughter Kambudia, together with Udayana, fled from the palace Kambudia, time periods of distress replacement king war. Tsb daughter fled to the Land of Java where a king Kambuja very famous, Jayawarman II, also has lived in exile before returning to his home Kambuja.

Java is the time that the prince Kambudia, Udayadityawarman become adults and at age 15 he married a Javanese princess. Khmer-Java fellowship is to strengthen the position of ruling in Java, Bali and now seize. Then he lifted Prince Udayana (or Udayaditya) and his bride became the governor of Bali. Around the year 1009, with the help of Udayaditya Javanese Kambudia seize the throne.

Ttapi he will not be fixed in Java for only one year alone, and he was forced to return to Bali, where he reigned as governor until the year 1022. Is in Bali that about 991 years Airlangga was born and at the crossing to Java mdua to marry a daughter of the king who reigned in East Java. Perhaps Airlangga name comes from his life story. "Airlangga" means "he who crossed the water - the strait memisahkaan Bali from Java. Airlangga, he seems, represents the government of Bali, where he was born, to a representative of the king, Dharmawamsa Marakatapankaja, whose names appear in inscriptions Bali during the year - years 1020-1025.

During the years 1049-1077, Balinese inscriptions refer to the 'wungsu child,' for example balaputra (youngest child) - probably close relatives of Airlangga. Suradhipa and Jayasakti are the names of kings who appeared in the 1115-1150 AD One hundred years later, the king Kertaanagara Singasari, after consolidating his position in Sumatra moved to Bali. In 1284 he was imprisoned king Bali. Balinese people who dare to immediately release the power of Java.

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International tourism magazine Travel and Leisure named the island of Bali as the best in the world in 2009, beating the famous islands including the Galapagos Islands.
According to the Chairman of Bali Tourism Board (BTB) in Renon Bali's Ngurah Wijaya said on Wednesday, the award was a turning point for the implementation of tourism Bali amid travel warning or a ban visit by American and Australian post-bomb attack on the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton Jakarta last July 17.
"Travel and Leisure named the best island of Bali as the world after setting aside the other islands in the world including the Galapagos Islands," he explained.
He added that last year lost to the Galapagos Bali, but this year could exceed the island of Bali is by collecting points to reach 87.41, while the Galapagos Islands to collect only 86.80 points.
He further revealed, ban foreign visits by the existing long time ago, but for him it did not inhibit the Bali international award.
"This we're grateful for and appreciation, as well as promoting Bali as a tourist area that is still feasible in the eyes of the world," he said.
He also said, until now there has been no cancellation of tourists kujungan related to the Bali bomb blast in Jakarta. "I have not received reports about the cancellation of the visit," he said optimistically.
So it is with tourists who were vacationing on the Island of the Gods, he admitted there was no mass exodus like that presented some circles.
"Until now, foreign tourists still meilih spent his holiday in Bali, there was no exodus from Jakarta bomb blast," he explained.
The level of foreign tourists to visit Bali is said still stable, and an average 6000 people per day. "I asked the authorities to improve security systems such as the current conditions survived," he added.

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Admittedly, Bali is now filled with apartment building (Bali Real Estate). He called the other players, for example, Grand Kuta Apartment, Bali Nirwana Resort (BNR) of Bakrie and St. Regis, estimated apartments (Bali Real Estate) which offered up to 2,000 units until the end of 2008. Even so, he said, the offer has not made the competition very tight, because the targeted market share was quite diverse. Putu, for example, fix the price ranges from Rp 10-12,5 juta/m2, whereas in BNR USD 15-20 juta/m2.

Haryanto, apartment buyers (Real Estate Bali) in Nikki Residence, said he was interested in buying the apartment because it was in the city center of Kuta, and the operator Aston (Bali Real Estate Agents) that have been tested. "Basically, I want to invest, but not too much trouble because there is care," he concluded. Unsparing, in Nikki, Day - Haryanto nickname - buy four units with each price USD 600 million / unit. Payment scheme was attractive. In addition to using the apartment mortgage (Bali Real Estate For Sale) from the bank and pay cash, Nikki management scheme also offers 50% cash payment and the remaining installments of the room rental.

Well, Day chose a third way. At the beginning, he paid approximately USD 1.2 billion and the remaining USD 1.2 billion will be paid from the rentals for 10 years. The rental price per unit is USD 500-750 thousand / night, four star hotel class. Usually this type of rented apartments among Caucasians for the long term. Indeed, during the next 10 years there was no money into the pockets Day. However, make no mistake, the price kondotel (Real Estate) continues to rise. "The November 2007 purchase price of Rp 600 million per unit, currently has USD 720 million per unit," he said pleased. Jakarta businessman is also planning, if in two or three years has reached over USD 1 billion, he was ready to sell an apartment or real estate is.

The reason underlying this Suyasa Kadek Jaya and H. Mohamad Raif to buy an apartment Nikki. Apart from the rent (Real Estate Bali) is profitable, the owners have the option to use the apartment a few days in one year. Strategic location (Real Estate For Sale) used Raif reasons - which is also inter-island traders - as a consideration when deciding to join the Nikki. Raif planned to use to entertain kondotelnya time business associates who visited Bali. As an investment, "Nikki was tempting than an apartment (Real Estate For Sale) built another developer," said Raif. So, he plans to add another unit when the second phase of development Nikki, or find other locations that are considered more profitable.

Intan Aprilia, consultants and property agents (Bali Real Estate Agents) who often handles the client and the foreign people in Indonesia Bali, mapping the character of investors, especially foreigners. According to him, the stranger would like to stay in Bali in places where many foreign residents or community. Like the foreign workers who live in Bali, they will tend to choose the direction Seminyak Tabanan, because in this region there are many clubs and international schools, plus a charming stretch of beach. And, for the elite class, they prefer in Jimbaran. While foreigners who like the feel of the mountains will choose Ubud area. "In addition to kondotel, villa (Villa Rental in Bali) or town houses also be attractive option for investment," said the owner of this Global Diamond Service.

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Island of Bali has been well known abroad as the island of thousand temples, living museum, the island of gods, and the last paradise found. Is prostitution is degrading names? In understanding some of ya! Prostitution and the name should be fragrant Balinese contradictory, at least in a general sense that many people recognized. Prostitution has proved to be a social part of the ethnic anywhere in the world, including Bali. Since people know the existence of social institutions of family and marriage called the notion of prostitution known. Archaeological research on this matter is indisputable that if the community already has a settled life and culture are still nomads.

Free sex life seemed to be a continuation of the simplest life of human beings because human instincts are equipped to berprokreasi, so that men attracted to women and women are attracted to men. Although the formation of social institutions is sedemikain intensive, which proved to known almost every ethnic community in the world, even after the establishment of religion, but none of the world community, which is free of prostitution, including Bali.

Only for the present religious leaders and informal leaders are still hypocritical of this fact. Prostitution is an integral part of a community and we can not close my eyes to this. This understanding must be adhered to if you want masyakarat we have a strong ethical and able to control its people. And we must recognize that prostitution is a distortion, and if deviations occur must be corrected, well if we do not acknowledge that there are distortions of what should be straightened. When people experience barriers in doing so his sex life is the way in which peyimpangan, and the deviation for this peyimpangan will become a tradition. If this was a tradition it will be very difficult to control, because often manjadi economic reasons, life, and financial obligations by the environment, institutions, and so on.

The increasing prostitution in Bali supported by those who come from outside the island armed with only the body without any skill. While Bali began in the 1970s are in need of skilled workers in the field of tourism as menuntuk seriousness learn a foreign language, knowledge of various types kalinari cooking, gardening, architecture, ticketing, cultural experts, and so on. Although manual labor is required in very large quantities of it but its only temporary, and not permanent, while many immigrants who settled in Bali without realizing the source of income sources.