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Sanur was the most famous prostitution business in Bali.

Sanur was the most famous prostitution business in Bali. The government banned but actors in charge of discipline to benefit from it. PSK still the victim of the rules is not clear.

At 23:45 Wita. Denpasar just rain. The trees were still wet and muddy streets. Atmosphere in Sanur, was deserted. Some places are usually crowded, the end of January and as uninhabited. In one cafe, some dressed women sitting menor joking. There was no visitors come. New atmosphere seemed crowded in a place [house? Cafe? Or what?]. The parking lot was quite full of vehicles, in the region Jl Danau Tempe. At the entrance, several men came out with a smile sumringah. The atmosphere inside was much more crowded. Look-homestead homestead [rooms or cottages?] Lined. Laughter of young women were swallowed hard enough Banyuwangian music playing in the hall. While the men were passing from one compound to another compound for the match. Adventure has just begun ...
Jl Danau Tempe is a pretty area known as postitusi area. According to Gusti Made Kentri, Head of Dusun Tanjung, Sanur, Lake Tempe including the newly developed areas. "I do not know when exactly, a clear, prostitution has been a long time in Sanur. Originally from Semawang, near the Navy, then spread to Blanjong charter, Ngandang Bet, arrived at the Lake Street Tempe, "he said.
For some people, Sanur was identical with that dirty. If there's a man went to Sanur at night, people would think that the man went to a place of prostitution. Locals also sometimes be a victim. "Pity our children who also become victims of high school. Because they were dressed in uniforms and passed in front of the complex, they are also being pursued, begituan girl thought, "said Kentri.
Later it is known that the prostitution business is not only people outside of Bali, the fact that 50% homestead on Jl Danau Tempe owned by the Balinese. [data from where? It was the first person yg start from?] One of them Gde Dharma. This grandfather of two grandchildren occupy the homestead on Jl Danau Tempe since a year ago, after the rent on Blanjong charter out. He has seven rooms, one room is used alone. He had 26 years to be a construction worker and driver. Interested in this new business after her first start, went bankrupt. "After the kids went bankrupt, I try to go on. His name was one looking for money, "he said.
Earnings Gde not necessarily per day. He currently has five commercial sex workers (PSK) and he received the Rp 15 thousand per worker per transaction. If you're busy, this amount could be huge. But if you're lonely, let's say there are only five guests per night for a month, Gde can only be USD 2,250,000. This amount is not much considering the costs that must be paid as rent homestead Rp 3 million per month and illegal levies staff person.
Afternoon for example. Two men dressed in light brown, uniform civil servant, came on a motorcycle. They greeted the man at the end of the alley immediately handed over some bills in the thousands. According Gde, every day there are always people coming asking "cigarette money". Therefore, every homestead handed around Rp 20,000 per day in males at the end of the alley that will distribute them to the "officer" whose numbers could be up to 20 people.
These monthly expenses can swell when there is a raid Peace and Order Department (Tramtib) or the Police. Because fines Crime Lightweight (Tipiring) is worth at least Rp 250 thousand per person sometimes be removed from the pocket Pimps if "employees" herded into court.
When you think about the business of prostitution is quite tiring. Gde Dharma say so workers better than a pimp, "preferably to be working. Not many think. If this business committee, dizziness, "he said. But the show must go on.
Mubarak, one of the PSK at the guesthouse, said the situation is now quite difficult. He has received approximately USD 35 thousand net per customer. At first he did not think so PSK in Sanur. Mubarak divorced her husband because after 10 years of marriage they have not had descendants. This incident stress, so when some friends went to Bali to be a prostitute, he participated. Later, when the bomb exploded and declining public purchasing power, income workers also declined. "Now, really quiet. Since the bomb was easy, "said Mubarak.
Jl Danau Tempe, Gde Dharma nor only a fraction Fitr and the prostitution business that never dies. In Bali, in addition to several points which had become a place of business users subscribed sex as a prostitute in Lumintang and Gatsu (Jalan Gatot Subroto), transvestites in Gatsu and Renon, gigolo in Kuta. Outside Denpasar / Badung, there Terminal Preparation in Tabanan until Bungkulan in Singaraja, Buleleng regency.
Variables involved in the sex industry is not just sex workers, pimps, and customers. There are also elements of villages and traditional parties and the government. In government institutions, prostitution is something that must be eradicated. But personally, prostitution is an additional benefit beyond the salary that can be found elements of the institution officer. This does not include the official raids quite often do not see the results but because the prostitution is still just standing there.
PSK is the variable most disadvantaged in this business. Drained their energy to make money. This money is partly turned again to the interests of industry, ranging from pay to pay a fine room Tipiring. Not to mention they were dealing with rude customers or want enaknya himself, refused to use condoms. Risk of outbreak of disease from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to HIV is very high. They are also the first person to blame in this prostitution as a prostitute. So, how should we refer to other variables that take advantage of this hardship?
At 00:15 Wita. The atmosphere is still bustling. Will keep busy until two or three hours. The men were taking turns to come. Some of them are still back and forth to find the target. Men come and go, but the women were still there, to witness how not specifically rule in this province.

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